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Beijing Bowflex pass legislation Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing, known as one two three Tongzhou said the optical and electrical industry base, is one of four major industrial bases Beijing focused support and development. Our company is focused on high-tech mapping instrument industry professional product development, manufacturing, sales and technical services for high-tech enterprises

The company has an area of 20,000 square meters of production base in Langfang between Beijing and Tianjin, the base was established in 1984 and currently employs 500 people, with copper smelting, rolling, drawing production line; oxidized black paint production line ; instrument calibration assembly production line; precision shaft production line; pressure casting production line; NC as the core of the mechanical precision machining production line. Companies use local mechanisms and manpower advantage, the annual completion of more than 10 million units of the water level, vertical collimator and electronic theodolite. This product is sold throughout the country except in the United States and Europe, especially Germany orders are more than 12,000 units per year, and the quality of this product from the production enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.

The company has been the leading enterprises and domestic industry maintained a good relationship. Close contact, cooperation and win-win, never betray.

The company has a powerful R & D team, and the implementation of advanced management system and strict achieved national measurement equipment production license in accordance with national standards. Companies with high-quality mapping conventional instruments popularity as the goal, the user a highly responsible attitude, high standards and strict requirements,Launched automatically levelizer, digital level, electronic theodolite, laser electronic theodolite, total station electronic speed measuring instrument products. We pass legislation Beijing Bowflex Instrument Co., Ltd. will give users confidence in the quality and meticulous service for the purpose, to make a bold, enterprising and innovative, the pursuit of excellence in business.

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