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  • Time of issue:2020-11-26 10:39:00
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Jobs - Electronic R & D Engineer

Education: Bachelor and above

Qualifications: At least 3 years experience of research and development of related industries, mid-level titles.

Job Description: Familiar circuits and software design microprocessors, optical signal processing, sensor-based circuit design, able to independently undertake R & D projects, with the electronic system design capabilities.



Jobs - Senior Sales Engineer

Education: College and above

Qualifications: 1. College degree or above, marketing, mapping, chemistry, analytical chemistry, marketing and other related professionals, a professional channel priorities;

2. At least one year relevant work experience is preferred, graduates can;

3. Objectives strong sense of loyalty, passion, responsibility, strong communication and negotiation skills;

The quick-witted, energetic, strong adaptability and the ability of anti-frustration.

5. Familiar with office software, able to adapt to frequent travel.

Job Description: 1. extensive visit end customers, establish and maintain good customer relations;

2. According to the company marketing plan, complete the sales task;

3. To develop new markets, develop new customers, expand product sales;

4. be responsible for the planning and execution within the sales area and sales-related conference activities, enhance product promotion;

5. the area responsible for analyzing market information collection and competitors.



Recruitment - Foreign Sales Director

Education: College

Qualifications: 1, college and higher education, international trade, commerce, English, secretarial, administrative and other related professionals;

2, level 4 and above in English, along with two or more foreign languages ​​is a plus;

3, familiar with foreign trade operational processes and related laws and regulations, with expertise in the field of foreign trade;

4, better computer operating level.

Job Description: Responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company's foreign trade business, the implementation of trade rules, at home and abroad to expand and maintain;

2, the company's foreign language sites, registration of overseas marketing platform, upload and maintenance updates and online customer service

3, responsible for production orders, tracking, delivery, on-site monitoring equipment, billing and other plant procedures;

4, responsible for document production audits, assist customs, settlement, service and other work;

5, responsible for the preparation of various types of business documents, layout, sorting and archiving; incorporation statements and finishing;

6, the department office environment routine maintenance work to ensure clean and orderly work area;

7, reporting and related operations department managers accountable to other work.


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